• Introducing the Capsule stack for RapidWeaver

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I started out with the goal of building a stack that would compliment and expand the usability of the Bloom stack when I began building the Capsule stack. Quickly though I saw that Capsule would be a big help to users whether they were using Bloom or not.

Capsule allows you to place content on your pages that can be shown and hidden by your visitors using stylish toggles. It allows you to use multiple content sections and multiple toggles to control your content.

This stack is hugely flexible in its uses and can be easily customized through not only the stack’s built-in settings but also through the use of your own custom images as toggles, which are used to show and hide your content.

I’ve put together a video showing Capsule in action. It also quickly walks you through creating a few simple Capsule setups. Give it a watch, and then be sure to check out the product page for more info on the many options the stack offers to help you in customizing it for your site. You can also see the stack in action on the live preview site we built.

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