• Introducing the Bloom stack for RapidWeaver

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When I was building out a small portfolio site last year I came across several different styles of portfolio designs. The code I used to create the sliders on my portfolio page eventually got put to use in stack-form as the Orbit stack.

But there was another design I really liked that I thought could be something fun, and unique for RapidWeaver users. I'd like to introduce you now to that delightful little design, which I call the the Bloom stack.

Bloom isn’t just for portfolios though. Let me be up front about that. It is very versatile. Its great for highlighting elements on a page, creating nice online stores, company pages and a whole lot more.

Bloom allows you to place an image next to a block of content. While that doesn’t sound extraordinary to begin with, it actually is quite exemplary. The image actually expands, in place, over your Bloom content, turning into an image slider that showcases a small gallery of images. This stack is more fun to show off than it is to prattle on about… so let’s have a look at it.

You can check out the live preview site here, or watch our walk-thru video below. And don’t forget to check out the product page for all the juicy details.

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