• Introducing the Animagic animation stack for RapidWeaver

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It's always fun to unveil a new theme or stack to the RapidWeaver community, and today is no exception! Today we're introducing the Animagic stack for RapidWeaver. This amazingly little stack allows you to create both subtle, and not-so-subtle, animations on your stacks pages.

Animagic allows you to drop your pre-existing stacks into it and have that content animate into existence as your visitor scrolls down to your content. You can set the stack’s animation style as well as its animation duration, delays and more.

Animagic Screenshot

Describing a stack that allows you to create beautiful animations is no simple task… so instead of going on and on here about how fun this stack is, let’s just jump into the preview site and product page and have a look at it in action and what features it offers!

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