• Introducing the Abstract theme for RapidWeaver

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Abstract is a responsive theme that gives you a solid, and stunning foundation on which to build sites for yourself and your clients. It has big, bold banners, creative, out-of-the-box ExtraContent areas, beautiful stylings and so much more.

This versatile theme makes use of some of the newest web technologies in order to provide your visitors with a great experience, whether they’re viewing your site on a desktop computer or a mobile devices.

In addition to the responsive structure of the site we’ve included an amazing array of theme variations, and a slew of different color pickers, and a whole lot more to make customizing your pages as simple as possible!

The Abstract theme also comes with our popular Blog Entry Topper feature and a spectacular lightbox for your built-in Photo Album pages.

We encourage you to checkout the product page for the theme as well as the walk-thru and tutorial videos about its features. Here’s a quick walk-thru, overview video about Abstract theme to get you started:

###Bonus material! In addition to everything else you also receive a sample project file with your purchase, located in the Extras folder. This project file contains a pre-built sample site using nothing more than the standard Page Styles that come built-in to RapidWeaver. Think of it not only as a sample of what Abstract can do with these particular Page Styles, but also a testing ground to try out many of Abstract’s theme variations and options!


I’ve had to remove the sample project file, unfortunately. It seems the links to the images included in the project file, in pages like the Photo Album and the Resources, get broken when distributed and used on a different computer. There is unfortunately nothing to be done to work around this problem.


Be sure to check out some of our add-ons that can help you in building amazing sites in RapidWeaver with the Abstract theme, such as our responsive Orbit slideshow stack that handles both images and content, as well as our new Stock Images which make for great banners and backgrounds!

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