• Introducing Ivy 2 for RapidWeaver and Stacks v3

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When I originally developed the Ivy stack I worked to make the stack as user friendly as possible and included a wide variety of ways to customize the stack to each user's liking. One major thing though alluded me during development -- a way to allow users to rearrange elements within the stack. There just wasn't a good way at the time to build this feature into the stack using Stacks v2.

With the release of Stacks v3 though the API for the plugin got a major update and opened up new doors for stacks developers. The new API update now made it possible to provide the flexibility I'd originally hoped for in the Ivy stack.

With Ivy 2 I’ve rewritten a great deal of the stack, using these new API features, to make it possible for users to rearrange items within the stack, as well as to delete items anywhere within the accordion. Doing so though meant that the older accordions weren’t going to work with the news structure of the stack, because they’re built totally differently on the backend.

So in developing this new feature I branched off and started a new version of the stack. In the process though I decided to give Ivy a big boost. I streamlined a lot of the code, and added a slew of new features and improvements to the stack. I also included some new pre-built styles for the stack to supplement the large selection from v1.

Updates & New Features

Let’s have a quick look at some of the new features in Ivy 2 and see what kind of fun new stuff this major update brings us:

New Features

  • Adds new functionality to allow accordion elements to be rearranged and deleted anywhere within the stack thanks to the Stacks v3 API.
  • Adds “Close All” label to go along with Open All label.
  • Adds alignment options for the Open All / Close All switch.
  • Adds ability to place the Open All / Close All switch either above or below the accordion.
  • Adds Collapse Mode for making Edit Mode cleaner and easier to navigate. Collapses just the Ivy Item contents, leaving the label bars vsible to be dragged around.
  • Adds ability to override the colors on an individual Ivy item (use this feature sparingly).
  • Adds units display to corner rounding input field.
  • Adds opacity slider to the content background, label background, and selected label background color pickers when using the Custom style setting.
  • Adds two new preset stylings: Majestic, Navigator and Hive.
  • Adds the ability to hide / show the stack title bar in edit mode.


  • Transfers control of loading Font Awesome over to the Stacks plugin thanks to Stacks v3 API. Should help speed things up some.
  • Minor updates to the internal icon image files.

Be sure to give the new Ivy product page a look. We’ve got some screenshots, a nice walk-thru / tutorial video, as well as a live preview site for the new Ivy 2 stack.

Paid upgrade

This version is a paid upgrade. We’ve sent out a substantial discount code for all existing Ivy stack users. If you currently have Ivy v1 you should receive an email, to the address you purchased Ivy, with a coupon code to drastically reduce the cost of this new version.

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