• Foundry's Margins stack is small, but extremely mighty

Time to read: 1 minute

One of the stacks that I use the most when building pages using Foundry is the Margins stack. If you look through any of the pre-built project files you'll see the Margins stack peppered throughout them. I would venture to say I find it to be one of the most powerful tools in Foundry.

The Margins stack allows you to drop other stacks inside of it, and then set either the margins or padding, or both, around that stack. This doesn’t sound too revolutionary until we look at the fact that you can set different margins and padding for the stack at each of the three breakpoints, making it a responsive dynamo.

Here’s a quick overview video looking at how you can make use of the Margins stack:

In addition to the basic uses of the stack, like having smaller spacing around an object at the smaller breakpoints and more expansive spacing on the desktop, you can also use it to create unique layouts at the desktop or tablet breakpoints, and then have a more normal, simple looking design for mobile devices, where space is at a premium.

I’d encourage you to play around with the Margins stack and try out different settings are the various breakpoints. I think you’ll find it to be a great asset in your site building with Foundry.

More Information

The full documentation page for the Margins stack can be found here on the Foundry site.

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