• Create waypoint links within your pages using the Anchor stack

Time to read: 1 minute

Taking a visitor to a predetermined section within one of your pages is a really useful way of efficiently getting relevant content to your visitors in a simple and way -- and we've made it super simple to do with the Potion Pack's Anchor stack.

Anchor links allow us to set up waypoints on our pages that we can link to with very specific URLs. This allows us to give out a web address, or link to these anchors within our own pages, that will take our visitors to a specific section of a page.

This type of link is so useful that we’ve also set up the Anchor stack to handle the waypoints for our Mega Menu’s anchor-based navigation as well. Without getting ahead of ourselves though, let’s take a look solely at the Anchor stack today, and in a future video we’ll examine the Mega Menu stack and how the two interact with one another.

In this video we look at building a page with anchor links on them, as well as how these links can be used within the browser.

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