• Create manually curated vertical navigation in Foundry

Time to read: 1 minute

Navigation is the corner stone of just about any site. Every visitor will interact with the navigation in some way or another. This is one of the reasons I've built several different navigation stacks into Foundry. I wanted to ensure that there were various different styles of navigation to choose from. With the release of Potion Pack I added several new navigation stacks to the Foundry lineup -- including one of my new favorites -- the Vertical Navigation stack.

The Vertical Navigation stack allows us to create a multi-level, vertical navigation that we can insert wherever we like within Foundry based our pages.

This stack is also a manually curated navigation, which means we can construct its hierarchy how we see fit, and not have to rely on the navigation hierarchy of our page list within RapidWeaver. While this means a little more work for us as the developer it does free us up to make our navigation look and function how we like.

The Vertical Navigation stack comes with a wide variety of customizable controls, allowing us to refine how the stack looks and feels so that we can fit it into just about any site design. While all of these controls allow us to tweak the stack, it even looks great right out of the box. In fact that is how I am using it on the Foundry Documentation pages, myself.

In this video we take a look at how the Vertical Navigation stack works as well as some of its features.

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