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Some dos and don'ts for site navigation

When it comes to building a successful site you need a good way for your visitors to navigate your pages. Not only should your navigation look nice, but it should be well organized so that your visitors can find what they're looking for quickly and easily. If there's one thing on your site that every visitor will be using, regardless of what they're looking for, it's your navigation. So getting it right is important.

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Create great vector icons within the Atmosphere theme using Font Awesome

Clean, crisp vector icons seem to abound on the web nowadays. Everywhere you go you'll find simple silhouetted imagery denoting specific areas of a site or being used in numerous other ways. This increased use of iconography on the web is thanks to the increase of font based icon sets. One of the most popular around is called Font Awesome, and we've embedded a version of it in the Atmosphere theme for you to use.

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Build your own box kit for Photoshop

A while back I released a build your own box kit. It was a layered PhotoShop PSD file of a nice looking cardboard box, complete with the ability to drop in objects of your own liking and dress it up as you pleased.

It was a big hit and lots of people use it for developing graphics for their website and apps.

I'm pretty pumped to be releasing Box Kit 2 today.

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Creating a simple, stylish button in PhotoShop

Buttons abound on the web. They’re little elements that all sites have, in some form, and believe it or not can really help set the tone for a site. As the worldly ‘Dude’ said in The Big Lebowski: “That rug really tied the room together. ” Well, the same can be said of our little friend, the button.

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