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Building responsive pages in Stacks just got a whole lot easier

While building sample pages for Tesla Pro over the past few months I found myself in need of some specific tools for building responsive pages. While there are a lot of stacks out there that help with responsive layouts I felt they weren't exactly what I wanted.

So I started putting together some tools for myself, and somewhere along the way realized that others might be able to make use of these tools, too. So I built them out and added some features that I think people will find useful and assembled the Structure suite of stacks.

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Introducing the Tesla Pro theme for RapidWeaver

When Realmac Software set out to include some beautifully crafted new themes in RapidWeaver v6, they approached Elixir to be one of the few who would have the honor of having their work included.

Building a brand-new theme for RapidWeaver 6 was a ton of fun, and I'm super excited to have it included in the app along with lots of other great themes. And I'm just as excited that we get to release a Pro version through the Elixir site.

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There's a new RapidWeaver theme on the horizon

With Realmac Software releasing RapidWeaver 6 today, I felt like I wanted to tease one of the two new projects I have coming out very soon. I've got new themes, and a suite of stacks, in the pipeline that I think you're really going to enjoy.

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RapidWeaver 6 is coming. And soon.

So, it is no secret that RapidWeaver 6 is right around the corner. Realmac Software announced today even that it will be available on October 21, 2014. So what does this mean for Elixir customers? Well, read on and find out...

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A quick word about theme updates coming down the pike

Updates are coming! I've started making updates to themes and issuing them via emails to users. Why so many updates? Well, if you've been to the Realmac Software forums lately you'll know that it's no secret that RapidWeaver 6 is in the works. And to prepare I'm getting things in order for my products.

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