• Build your own box kit for Photoshop

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A while back I released a build your own box kit. It was a layered PhotoShop PSD file of a nice looking cardboard box, complete with the ability to drop in objects of your own liking and dress it up as you pleased.

It was a big hit and lots of people use it for developing graphics for their website and apps.

I'm pretty pumped to be releasing Box Kit 2 today.

The premise of the new Box Kit is much like that of it’s predecessor. This new version however takes things to a new level.

This PSD contains a totally reworked box design with new stylings and new options. The whole thing was redrawn and was done with PhotoShop’s vector-based shapes and layer styles. It includes logos for the sides of the box, optional packing tape layers, objects to fill your box with, and a whole lot more.

Give Box Kit 2 a download and have fun experimenting.


You can get your copy of the Box Kit Photoshop PSD file and start experimenting today!

Download PSD

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