• Say hello to the spectacular new Shelf Stacks plugin for RapidWeaver

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Today I'd like to introduce my second addon for the Stacks plugin by YourHead Software -- the Shelf stack.

The Shelf stack is a sort of hybrid stack, mixing a beautiful carousel with a great lightbox effect and our beautiful graphics. The simple drag-and-drop mechanics of the Shelf stack will help in getting your shelves built in no time!

Quick Overview

The Shelf stack comes packed with a variety of features to help you customize its functionality and styling for your project.

Some of the many options of the stack are:

  • 13 different shelf styles to choose from
  • the ability to create both animated carousel shelves as well as static shelves
  • navigation arrows and dots
  • auto-play features
  • 8 animation styles for the carousel tranisitions
  • and much, much more

Be sure to check out the Shelf stack’s product page to get a full rundown of all of the features as well as to watch our two tutorial videos. Also be sure to check out our mini demo site to see the Shelf stack in action, along with several examples of what you can do with it.

Other stacks

The Shelf stack isn't the only plugin we've built for RapidWeaver's Stacks add-on. Be sure to checkout our other Stacks plugins.

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