• Introducing the delicious new Drawer stack for RapidWeaver

Time to read: 1 minute

Today sees the introduction of the Drawer stack -- a fun, and highly functional, new addon for Stacks. This stack allows you to add a collapseable / expandable drawer to the top or bottom of your Stacks page to contain your content and help in organizing your page a bit in the process.

The Drawer stack comes packed with preferences that let you change both how the Drawer looks and feels, as well as how it functions and how your visitors interact with it.

This new stack works quite well with all of the standard stacks that ship with the Stacks plugin. In addition to the standard stack types you can use some of the 3rd- party stacks out there with Revolution as well.*

Have a look at the Drawer stack’s product page, where in addition to more detailed information about the stack you’ll find screenshots, a walk-thru tutorial video, as well as a live preview site with a few demos of the Drawer stack at work.

* Note - Not all of your 3rd-party stacks will be comptible with the Drawer slider.