• Say hello to Ruby -- a bright new responsive theme for RapidWeaver

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I'm happy to announce the addition of a new, responsive RapidWeaver theme to our lineup. The Ruby theme has a beautiful, design that is packed with features, theme variations and color pickers that will allow you to quickly and easily customize its look and feel when building your sites.


We’ve included 4 super useful ExtraContent areas, over 30 different color pickers and a great responsive foundation for you to build your site upon. This allows you to make the most of your time. Instead of building two sites, one for mobile visitors and one for desktop users, the Ruby theme lets you build just one site that works great on both!

One of the Ruby theme’s standout features is its customizable background features. You’re able to use your own images as the background for your banner, ExtraContent area one and footer sections. We also feature an edge-to-edge feature for the ExtraContent area one, which makes creating slideshow toppers on your pages easy using Stacks add ons like the RefinedSlidr stack from Stack Maniac.

The Ruby theme also features the ability to add social badges to the footer of your site with a small snippet of code.

Have a look at Ruby’s product page for a full rundown of what it can do for you, as well as to check out the tutorial and walk-thru videos. You can also check out the theme’s live preview site to get a feel for its design.

A great pairing

Our Flat Button stack pairs really well with the Ruby theme! Its responsive features and beautiful styling help it to easily fit in with your content on your Stacks pages when using Ruby to develop your sites.

Give its product page a look to learn all about it, as well as check out the live preview site for the Ruby theme, where we make use of the Flat button stack throughout.

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