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Updates are coming! I've started making updates to themes and issuing them via emails to users. Why so many updates? Well, if you've been to the Realmac Software forums lately you'll know that it's no secret that RapidWeaver 6 is in the works. And to prepare I'm getting things in order for my products.

I’m going through all of my themes right now and making updates, both in preparation of RapidWeaver 6, and to do some housekeeping on themes. If you own a theme we produce you’ll likely see emails from me over the coming weeks with download links to the latest version of your theme(s).

Some people have written to ask why they’re receiving so many emails — and to that I have to tell them that email is the only way I have to send out updates for themes. There’s no fancy automated update system for templates. Just a download link and a double-click to install. I apologize that you’ll receive a separate email for each of my themes you own, if you own more than one or two. But there’s not another way to do theme updates, unfortunately.

I’ve also had a user express concern about having to update all of their themes and republish all of their sites as these updates come out. This is the advice I offer — You don’t have to update your themes. Like so many things it is totally optional and up to your discretion. If you see in the theme update’s description that it addresses a bug you’ve been dealing with, then you might want to update and republish your site(s) that use that theme. But if you don’t find it addresses any problems you’re dealing with, you might think about waiting to upgrade or just upgrade the theme and wait to republish your site(s) at a later time.

I like to make sure that my themes are as bug free as possible, and the way to do that is through updates. It just so happens that you’ll be getting an update to all of my themes in the coming weeks to prepare for RapidWeaver 6.

Update instructions

We've outlined the simple steps it takes to install a theme update on our support page, and how to republish your site to ensure that all theme changes get applied to your live projects on your server. Be sure if you have any questions on how to install a theme update to read through this support article.

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