• A quick look at the Navigation Bar stack for Foundry

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Foundry offers many different ways to build versatile navigation for your sites. Today we'll look at the Navigation Bar stack, which allows you to build a beautiful horizontal navigation for your pages.

Horizontal navigation bars are some of the most popular forms of navigation on the internet. They present a nice looking, easily accessible menu for your sites visitors, and using Foundry’s Navigation Bar stack allows you to build one with very little effort. And best of all it scales down to look and work great on smaller mobile devices as well.

In this quick video we take a look at a few of the Navigation Bar’s many features and how to use them. You can also checkout the Navigation Bar’s documentation page for a full rundown of everything this stack has to offer.

Other Navigation

Foundry offers many other forms of navigation that get automatically built based off of your site’s available pages, such as the Slide Navigation and Navigation Overlay stacks. You can also manually build out beautiful navigation for your site using the List Group, Icon Bar or even the Linked List stacks.


Learn about each of these stacks, and so much more, on our documentation pages for the Foundry suite of stack.

Learn more

For more tutorial videos head on over to the Foundry Videos page. We've got several tutorials up already and will be adding more as time goes on. You can also reference the Documentation pages when building your site, or head over to the Elixir Forums to get help using Foundry.

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