• A quick introduction to using the Columns stack in Foundry

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Columns are important to us when building pages. They help us to structure our content as well as to plan our layouts in a nice, responsive manner. Responsive column grids though can be a lot of work to code and maintain properly. The Columns stack for Foundry allows us to quickly and easily build these sorts of layouts without a stitch of code.

The Columns stack allows us to create simple, basic columnized layouts with very little effort. If we delve deeper into the Columns stack we also find that it provides us the ability to create rather complex layouts as well, using source ordering, offsets and more. These more complex layouts aren’t all that much more complex to achieve though using this stack.

In this video we take a look at the basics of the Columns stack for Foundry as well as some of its more advanced features.

Learn more

The Columns stack documentation page offers you a look at all of the stack’s features. It is also a great resource to refer back to when you’re building your pages in the event you forget what a feature does.

You can find other tutorial videos on our Tutorials page that help you learn more about Foundry. We’ve got more videos coming down the pike as well.

Build even quicker

Need to knock out a project quick? Check out our Pre-Built Project files for Foundry. They can save you time getting a project off the ground. They also offer a good way to take a look at some of the ways we use the Foundry stacks to achieve specific layouts and designs.

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