Introducing the Lunar theme for RapidWeaver 7+

While I have been spending a good deal of time working on Foundry, both adding new stacks (in v1.1 update) as well a refining things, I have also been hard at work on a new theme for RapidWeaver 7.

I wanted to get to explore the new banners feature of RapidWeaver 7 a bit more as well as build a sleek new template that I'd had rolling around in my head for a while. With that, let's take a look at the new Lunar theme.

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Using the Foundry's A/B stack to make the hard design decisions

We, as website designers and developers can sometimes be an indecisive bunch. And even when we do decide on a direction or design right off the bat, we sometimes have to bend to the will of our clients. So when we're building pages we often come up with multiple layouts and designs to see what might work best for ourselves and our clients.

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Learn how to organize your content using Foundry's Pagination stack

Getting your site cleaned up and organized is important when designing you site. Foundry offers a lot of different ways to do this, through various forms of navigation, accordions, and much more. With the latest major update to Foundry we added a new Pagination stack which takes organizing your content to the next level.

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