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Voyager Pro is built on a lightweight, responsive foundation that allows you to create versatile sites that look great on your visitor’s desktop computer as well as their mobile devices.



While we include a lot of stock features, you can also add custom banners, social networking badges, and more to your layouts to get just the right look for your site.


Custom Banners

Voyager supports RapidWeaver's new Banner setting right out of the box. Drag-and-drop your banner image into the image well in the Site Setup or the Page Inspector and you're ready to go!


Banner Overlay

Customize the images that you use for your banners with Voyager Pro's banner overlays. Use these overlays to help your banner content really pop off the page and get your visitors' attention.


Banner Height

Choose from a fixed height banner (440 - 740px) or opt for our Flexible or 100% options. Flexible adjusts based on your banner content, and 100% takes up the browser window's full height.



Voyager Pro comes with a unique overlay style navigation. Click the toggle icon and up pops a grand overlay with a easy to traverse menu. You can include your site title, logo and social media badges in the overlay as well!


Sticky Navigation

You can choose to have the site title and navigation bar stick to the top of the browser window for easy access as your visitors scroll down the page. The sticky navigation bar kicks in once the banner has been scrolled past.


Misc Navigation Options

You can easily fine tune the navigation's overlay and sticky bar backgrounds and navigation text, as well as adjust its toggle button styling, and choose how to display your site's breadcrumb trail.


ExtraContent Areas

We've included 4 different ExtraContent areas -- One in the Banner section of the theme, two in the mian content area (one just above the main content and one just below it), and one placed in the footer of the page.


Choose Your Colors

We've included 40 different color pickers in the Pro version of the Voyager theme! These color pickers allow you to quickly change the look and feel you your pages with just a quick of the mouse.


Content Width

We've built in several popular, pre-defined width options for the main content area of your site. You can choose from max-widths of 870 - 1,170 px in size, giving you just the right amount of space for your content.


Photo Lightbox

The Voyager Pro theme has a built-in lightbox feature for the Photo Album pages. Build a Photo Album using RapidWeaver's Photo Album page and then toggle on the Lightbox feature and you're good to go.


Site Logo

Voyager Pro takes your logo and sizes it down to fit neatly inside the site title bar. If you choose you can also have your full-size logo appear in the Navigation Overlay as well. We show this logo usage in the live preview site.


Responsive Videos

Voyager Pro has the ability to take your video embeds from Vimeo and YouTube and automatically make them responsive. All you have to do is enable the feature on pages with video embeds.


Scroll To Top

Many sites nowadays have a good deal of content on each page. To make navigating these long pages even easier we've added a scroll to the top button that can be enabled on a page-by-page basis.


Font Styling

You can customize the Voyager Pro theme with different font choices. The theme comes with theme variations for the Site Title, Site Slogan, Headers and Body font. We've provided good looking, modern fonts to choose from.



The RapidWeaver sidebar is a great area for secondary information, as well it houses content like your blog archives. You can choose to place the sidebar on the right- or left-hand side, or hide it altogether.



We've got plenty of other features packed into this theme as well. Some include: the ability to add a drop shadow the navigation bar, uppercase the site title and slogan, remove the link from the logo in the navigation bar and more.


Social Media Badges

You can use some of our pre-defined code snippets to insert Social Media Badges on to your pages. You can check out our Social Badges video for more info. You're able to insert social media badges onto your pages via small code snippets, which we've provided below.

Badge Snippets Badge Snippets

<a class="myBadge twitter" href="#"></a>

Google Plus

<a class="myBadge google-plus" href="#"></a>


<a class="myBadge dribbble" href="#"></a>


<a class="myBadge facebook" href="#"></a>


<a class="myBadge instagram" href="#"></a>


<a class="myBadge github" href="#"></a>


<a class="myBadge linkedin" href="#"></a>


<a class="myBadge skype" href="#"></a>


<a class="myBadge tumblr" href="#"></a>


<a class="myBadge youtube" href="#"></a>


<a class="myBadge apple" href="#"></a>


<a class="myBadge windows" href="#"></a>


<a class="myBadge xing" href="#"></a>


<a class="myBadge email" href="#"></a>


<a class="myBadge android" href="#"></a>

Stack Overflow

<a class="myBadge soverflow" href="#"></a>


<a class="myBadge pintrest" href="#"></a>


<a class="myBadge dropbox" href="#"></a>


<a class="myBadge behance" href="#"></a>


<a class="myBadge vine" href="#"></a>


<a class="myBadge rss" href="#"></a>


<a class="myBadge comments" href="#"></a>


<a class="myBadge pencil" href="#"></a>

Sound Cloud

<a class="myBadge soundcloud" href="#"></a>


Add custom banners, your logo, social networking badges, and more to your layouts to get just the right look for your site.


What does this setting do?

In addition to the tutorial videos below we also offer detailed documentation for each setting within this theme on our Support Hub page.

You can find the full documentation and tutorials for Voyager Pro, as well as all of our other products in the Elixir Support Hub. If you require further support we also offer a great community forum where you can ask questions and get support.


We've created several tutorial videos that walk you through using the major features of the theme. These are a good resource for both before and after your purchase. Watch them now to get an idea of some of the interesting things this theme can do, and follow along with them later after your purchase to help in building your new site.

Custom Banners

ExtraContent Areas

Full-page Navigation

Blog Entry Toppers


Perfect Pairings

Need some stacks for building out your responsive content? Be sure to have a look at our Structure and Ivy stacks. They're great tools for formatting and creating responsive content to work within this responsive theme!



This theme makes use of some of the newest web technologies in order to provide your visitors with a great experience. Lunar is designed with these modern browsers in mind: Safari, Chrome, FireFox, Internet Explorer 11 and Microsoft Edge.



Voyager Pro uses the very latest theme APIs for RapidWeaver. It is built to run on RapidWeaver v7 and above. This allows us to leverage specialized banner features as well as navigation enhancements!


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