Introducing the Timeline stack for RapidWeaver

Now that Stacks 3 is out of beta testing and available to everyone we thought it would be a good time to release a fun new stack that made use of some of Stacks 3's new features.

I'm excited to show you all our newest stack -- Timeline. So without further ado, let's take a look at what Timeline is and what you can do with it.

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Introducing Bricks 2 stack for RapidWeaver

When I found out Stacks 3 was going to be bringing us new ways of doing things with our stacks, I thought it would be appropriate for Bricks to get an overhaul. So today I'm excited to announce Bricks 2, a totally re-written, faster, and easier to use masonry stack.

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Introducing the Capsule stack for RapidWeaver

I started out with the goal of building a stack that would compliment and expand the usability of the Bloom stack when I began building the Capsule stack. Quickly though I saw that Capsule would be a big help to users whether they were using Bloom or not.

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Introducing the Bloom stack for RapidWeaver

When I was building out a small portfolio site last year I came across several different styles of portfolio designs. The code I used to create the sliders on my portfolio page eventually got put to use in stack-form as the Orbit stack.

But there was another design I really liked that I thought could be something fun, and unique for RapidWeaver users. I'd like to introduce you now to that delightful little design, which I call the the Bloom stack.

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